The Story of FIREHUT



Passion, nature and fire.

The FIREHUT invented began a passion for grilling and creating beautiful fireplace which is made a really strong materials to be creating great atmosphere and which may also versatile way to cooking food and enjoy togetherness.


FIREHUT® products are designed in the Arctic Circle in Lapland and design has inspired by traditional Lapland hut. Between the northern fells, where the sun shines around the clock in mid-summer and the winter times midday light time is only a couple of hours a day. Where's in the clear weather sky can bring you will also follow the aurora's in the your evening firepit sessions. So it is perfectly clear that our passion comes from nature and culture. Our products are manufactured in Finland, respecting our values. FIREHUT products have been granted the key flag symbol as a sign of Finnish work.

This was born to the FIREHUT®, garden barbecue fireplace whose design combines traditional Lapland hut with this modern fireplace.

Robust, steel and Finnish made FIREHUT® creates a warm feeling and a great atmosphere. In addition, it is a perfect place for cooking at outdoor.


Did You know?


...Hundreds of years indigenous peoples like an Laplanders and Indians have done smoke-dried meat and fish in their huts, which is called tipi, teepee or lavvu. This age-old tradition was the only way to preserve food at these times because the salt was not available... even five days lasting smoke drying on low temperatures also lighten up meat, so it was easier to carry home from wilderness. Nowadays hot-smoking and grilling in higher temperatures is used mainly to give a great smoke flavor on food and also cook it faster...Laplanders and Indians will using hut and lavvu also as a temporary dwellings during long journeys when they were moving from place to place. The aim of the open fire was also to keep wild animals away and to bring heat to hut or lavvu.